AES own projects' cases
Wylsacom & KVARTALY 2119
To unconventionally promote a new affordable and creative accommodation in eastern capital's for Wylsacom's geek- audience.
The newest iPhone's Drop Test + Samsung Galaxy's Drop Test. Shooting location is square 2119.
The first stage: is attempting by breaking cellphones on all sorts of square roads. The second stage: is breaking Chinese smartphone in a watermelon from one of the high-rises of the quarter.
filmed all kinds of block 2119, almost 3.3 million views by now, 15 000 links following.
Incredibly satisfied customer with one of the best cases on record.
To communicate with the audience and to remember how to use a live feed
Studio, staff, Parfenon, an hour and a half of joy and interaction with the audience and some vine + ad.
20 000 simultaneously watching, 20 000 links following, which is a very serious number for KLUBNYY DOM LEVEL.
«Parfenon» & «Patefon»
To promote books on tape at the best audio books' service in Russian Federation.
Three entirely different tapes, brought together by Leonid's inclusion - in Paris (as Mayakovskiy!), in the city of Moscow at the apartment as Chekhov, in the Moscow in a convertible as Pushkin. All of them are as a stand-alone content that is incredibly fancied by the audience in itself.
Average tape's views is 500 00 and 17 000 transitions. Call to action: go, listen and grind away.
optional features cases
We are an agency, providing availability of infrastructure Unreal Engine in the Russian speaking media space:
Epic Games Preferred AGency* case
well-formed image & reputation in the media sector
influencers and Opinion Leaders advancement
liaison with non-professional organizations
assistance in organizing and development events for the developers
*Preferred agency 2019-2021
special projects' cases
Namedni + Yandex broadcast
all of the nine project episodes a week earlier on Yandex broadcast

Historical series 1952-1960 by Leonid Parfenov on Yandex broadcast.
The second season of iconic historical series «Namedni 1946-1951» with a renewed name and new temporary exclusive status on Yandex broadcast platform.
promo on the main Yandex page
ad campaign's promos on major social networks
image-forming project for Yandex broadcast
one and only case on the market
developmental work of media planning
design & establishing
event organization
live broadcasting
One-week online broadcast of the last season «Game of Thrones» in the cinema hallway "Oktyabr" in collaboration with AMEDIATEKA and Vkontakte.
Our assessment does not distribute just for limited demands for certain influencers and platforms but generally does for digital's brand presence. It is made for the most relevant audience by now - fans of modern digital entertainments, video-games, comics and other geek's stories.
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